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Green & Energy Materials


As the change of environment and depletion of natural resources, it is impossible to maintain green growth without the
support of eco-friendly materials. R&D Division leads the material development in the area of water and sewage waste treatment
and preprocess of sea water desalination. More over, by the starting of the car application, we have been expanded devel-opment for the various areas like fuel cell humidifier and reinforced electrolyte membrane. Not only this, we have thrust R&D related to resource recirculation as next generation solar battery (OPV, CIGS, DSSC) and carbon reduction.

  • Membrane material for water waste treatment
  • Humidifier and reinforced electrolyte membrane for fuel cell
  • (OPV, GIGS, DSSC) Next generation solar battery (OPV, GIGS, DSSC)
  • Carbon reduction resource recirculation