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  • R&D Overview
  • History
  • Outcomes and Awards
  • Intellectual Property
  • Field of Study
    • Electro Film Materials
    • Car Materials
    • Green & Energy Materials
    • High Performance Materials
    • Chemicals

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R&D History
1973 Established Technology Development Department (Former Technology Research Institution)
1978 Established Technology Research Institution (Located in Gumi, Gyeongbuk)
– First research institution among Chemical Fiber Industry.
1981 Started research on the non-fiber area
1984 Expanded research on the plastic and film
1986 Started research on the new material and Synthetic chemistry
1988 Expanded research on medicine (Biotechnology)
1991 Expanded research on the artificial leather
1992 Established Group Central Research Institution (Located in Yongin, Kyunggido)
2003 Established KOLON Central Research Park (KCRP) by consolidate Technology Research Institution
and Central Research Institution
2006 Transferred raw medicine and synthetic chemistry department to KOLON Life Science Co.
2008 Transferred Polyimide film research department to SKC-KOLON PI Co.
Transferred plastic research department to KOLON plastic Co.
Divided Normal Fiber research department into KOLON Fashion material Co.
2010 KCRP (Yongin), KCRP (Gumi) and Technology research Institution (Incheon)
2011 Technology research Institution (Incheon) was renamed Petrochemical R&D Center (Incheon)
2018 Integrate a R&D organization into R&D Division in Magok