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  • Industrial Materials
    • Tire Cords
    • Airbags
    • Technical Yarn
    • Artificial Leather
    • SPB
    • Aramid
    • Tire Cords
  • Films/Electronic Materials
    • Polyester Film
    • Nylon Film
    • Coated Film
    • Prism Film
    • Dry Film Resist
    • Overcoat
  • Chemicals
    • Hydrocarbon Resins
    • Phenolic Resin
    • Epoxy Resin
    • PU/TPU
    • PET Resin
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    • GOLF
    • MEN
    • WOMEN
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Jack Nicklaus

Outdoor,Sports & golf

Jack Nicklaus, a leading Korean golf wear brand launched in 1985 which is synonymous with authentic premium golf wear, has introduced elegant and sophisticated styles based on comfort and functionality. Embracing the authenticity and heritage of Jack Nicklaus, the greatest golfer of all time boasting 18 major wins, the brand uses a golden bear as its symbol that represents a strong will and progressive spirit.

As an international premium golf casual brand for active senior customers who have always led the times, Jack Nicklaus continues to evolve to add daily vitality and enjoyment to customers who pursue a leisurely life.

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Outdoor,Sports & golf

ELORD is a prestige total golf brand for golfers seeking the best performance. We offer total solutions based on optimal features and styles, which help customers feel pride. Since 1990, ELORD has been the official sponsor of Korea's only national golf title tournament, the Korea Open, and the national golf team and has cemented its image as Korea's top golf brand with its sincerity and dedication to golf such as developing and suggesting innovative products.


Outdoor,Sports & golf

WAAC's unique objectives are to add fun to playing golf and offer a pleasantly winning golf experience. The motif of WAAC, the abbreviation for “Win At All Costs!”, seeks to help you win by distracting the other players. The witty twist of wishing golf to be a fun and pleasant sport is WAAC's unique storyline. The brand's main character Waacky, a goofy and mischievous rascal, will be your guardian angel. WAAC's products made of seasonally suitable high-performance materials are optimized for swing and address.

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Outdoor,Sports & golf

ELORD CLUB, launched in 1989, is a prestigious golf club brand that boasts unique world-class technology. It has secured the position as Korea's number one driver brand by offering the optimal solutions for golfers who want to improve their driving distance through bold investment in advanced systems such as Korea's only swing robot. At the same time, ELORD CLUB spares no effort in holding the country's most prestigious Korean Open tournament, sponsoring the national team, and supporting top professional and promising players.

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Outdoor,Sports & golf

HONMA's golf clubs with outstanding quality are made by master craftsmen who have over 30 years of experience in the factory located in Sakata, Yamagata ken, Japan. We provide high-end, premium value by introducing clubs and items for HONMANIA of all ages who are enthusiastic about our brand. In addition, HONMA is spreading the fun and passion for golf by offering global support and promotions for top professional and promising players.

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