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Prism Films


Prism film condenses light from a light source, such as LCD BLU, by forming fine prism structures on a polyester film. EverRay® LC is the second prism film to be successfully produced and localized in Korea in 2005, and EverRay® DCS is the first prism film in the world to be produced with outstanding elasticity in 2006. EverRay® BK and LF are composite prism films that provide the features of both diffuser and prism films. With its high brightness and excellent reliability, its market share is growing among domestic and international companies.

Features and Uses

KOLON Industries, Inc.’s prism films provide high brightness using high-refractive materials, and excellent scratch resistance and workability using elastic materials. It has a fine appearance, moist-free, wet out free, and hot-band free, and offers such properties as chemical resistance, scratch resistance, high-temperature/humidity reliability, and high-quality wrinkles

History, Awards and Certificates

2005 ~ Present
Distributing to domestic LCD companies
2006 ~ Present
(high-brightness optical films for LCD, brightness enhancement films for LCD BLU)
Distributing to domestic LCD companies (all-in-one optical films for LCD BLU)
Sep. 2006
Won the bronze award at Electronic Part Technology Awards for all-in-one optical films for LCD BLU
Dec. 2006
Obtained NEP for high-brightness optical films for LCD
May. 2007
Won the Chang Young Shil award for brightness enhancement films for LCD BLU