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Miocell is a premium antibacterial fabric developed by the accumulated technologies of Kolon which have led the domestic textile industry for 50 years. It is a premium antibacterial fabric brand offering innovative technology and convenience so that reasonable and intelligent women seeking more perfection can maintain their body, including skin, and their necessities for living in clean and pleasant condition.

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Features and Uses

Miocell is a premium antibacterial fabric which received the certificate of anti-allergy and anti-mites from British Allergy Foundation (BAF), an allergy foundation in the U.K., for the first time among Korean fabric products. Therefore, it protects skin from various mikes and bacteria which are easy to live in fabric. In addition, ‘Miocell’ is a fabric with thin and tufted structures woven by cutting-edge technology, and has excellent softness and lightness.

History, Awards and Certificates

Nov. 2001
Acquired the certificate of Korean World-Class Product Award from the Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy
Mar. 2002
Received the Industrial Technology Innovation Award from the Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy
Oct. 2004
Launched Miocell Facial Cleansing Cloth (Pad exclusive product)
Feb. 2006
Launched Miocell Story (Cleansing-specialized brand)
Sep. 2006
Miocell Story received Brand Award of the Year.
Dec. 2006
Miocell Story received the grand prize of Korean eBI Award. (In the domestic sector of product brand)
Jan~Mar. 2008
Proved its excellent functionality in the areas of FITI anti-mite evaluation testing, allergy disperse dye
content,deodorization rate, color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to washing, color fastness to light,
antibacterial level, etc.
Mar. 2008
Acquired the certificate of JSTIIF (Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation)
May. 2008
Acquired the certificate of BAF (British Allergy Foundation)
Jun. 2008
Launched Miocell Casa (Home fashion brand)
Mar. 2011
Repositioned Miocell brand