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Title The official position of KOLON regarding the jury verdict in aramid litigation Date 2011-09-21


[Richmond, Virginia, September 9, 2011]

Kolon Industries issued the following statement after the jury decision in favor of plaintiff E.I. DuPont de Nemours

and Co. in a case before the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond Division):


Today's verdict is the result of a multiyear campaign by DuPont aimed at forcing Kolon out of the aramid fiber market.


Although Kolon respects the decision rendered by the Eastern District of Virginia jury, it disagrees with the verdict

and is confident that a fair and favorable decision will be reached on appeal.


Kolon has a strong technology and patent portfolio and a long history of research, innovation, and development in

various fiber industries, including work in aramid fibers dating back to 1979.


Kolon had no need for and did not solicit any trade secrets or proprietary information of DuPont, and had no reason

to believe that the consultants it engaged were providing such information. Indeed, many of the 'secrets' alleged

in this case are public knowledge.


Kolon has solid legal and factual grounds on which to base an appeal, and will aggressively pursue all available

legal avenues to correct today's verdict.


In the meantime, Kolon will continue to vigorously prosecute its antitrust action against DuPont, which is scheduled

to be tried in March 2012.



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