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Kolon industries makes happiness in our lives! We will try to be the beloved company by our customers.


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Gyeongsan Overview


Gyeongsan Plant of KOLON Industries, Inc. specializes in manufacturing industrial materials for tire cord yarn, airbag fabrics, high-quality tarpaulin, high-strength ultra-low shrinkage yarn, seatbelt yarn, and artificial leather, and membrane.
Gyeongsan Plant provides world-class technology and quality and uses proprietary technology and expertise to continue its research, new product development, deliver high-quality, and improve people’s quality of life.

Gyeongsan - History/Certificates


1973 KOLON Textiles Inc. established
1982 Merged into KOLON Corporation
1991 Established the ultra-low shrinkage yarn process
1993 Established the seat bealt yarn and low-shrinkage yarn process
Established the Chamude manufacturing process
1995 Established the CAB manufacturing process
1996 Established the PTC process
Established the membrane manufacturing process
1997 Established the ultra-low shrinkage yard and high-strength yard process
1999 Established the PTC process
Established the SPX manufacturing process
2000 Established the T/C weaving line
2001 Established the 4th ultra-low shrinkage yarn line
2002 Established the Spandex Yarn line
2003 Expanded the CAB Tenter Line
2004 Established the CAB OPW Line
2007 Expanded the CAB OPW Coating Line

Product Overview

Product Status

Product Overview
Product List Purpose
PET Industrial Yarn Yarn for T/C Tire cords (reinforcement)
Low-Shrinkage Yarn(AKILEN®) High-quality tarpaulin
High-Strength Yarn(AKILEN MARINE®) Slings, ropes, etc.
SEAT BELT 用絲(AKILEN SUPERTEX®) Automotive seatbelts
AirBag Fabrics(SECURA®) Automotive airbags
Chamude(Chamude®) Shoes, miscellaneous goods, clothing, automotive
Membrane for Water Treatment
Drinking water, Waste water treatment, Water reuse
Membrane humidifier for hydrogen fuel cell
hydrogen fuel cell car,hydrogen fuel cell for Domestic/Commercial


Gyeongsan Kolon Network

  • Gyeongsan Address    1298, Daehak-ro, Jillyang-eup, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Gyeongsan Plant    TEL : +82-53-850-2012  (Contact Point : S.M. Jeong)