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Kolon industries makes happiness in our lives! We will try to be the beloved company by our customers.

Gimcheon(Plant #2)

  • Overview
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Gimcheon - Plant #2

Gimcheon - Plant #2

Gimcheon2nd Plant of Kolon Industries has global competitiveness to produce phenolic and epoxy resins.
It enhances competitiveness to meet customer needs by providing various physical properties through the system of batch type production for phenolic resins and semi-continuous type production for epoxy resins. Gimcheon 2nd Plant is doing its best to provide great value to the customers through cooperation and innovation of Kolon family.

Gimcheon - Plant #2 - History/Certificates


1989 Established the phenolic resin line
2000 Established the DCPD phenolic resin line
2001 Established the automatic warehousing facility
2002 Won the Labor Office award (safety management)
2003 Won the Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Energy citation
(development of commerce and industry)
Established KOLON GP Chemical(Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. (China)
2004 Won the best award for saving energy (governor’s award)
Obtained IS014001/OHSAS18001 certificates
2005 Won the Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs award (the best Volunteer Fireman award)
2006 Won the President’s award for prevention of occupational accidents
Obtained ESHQ certificate (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, KOSHA 18001, OHSAS 18001)
2007 Won the President’s award for prevention of occupational accidents
Established the epoxy resin line
2009 Re-established the phenolic resin line
2009 Expanded the epoxy resin line
2016 Won the Minister of Trede, Industry and Energy award (development of national industry)
Won the Ministry of Public Safety and Security award (development of fire administration)
2018 2nd Expanded the epoxy resin line

Product Overview

Product Status

Product Overview
Product List Purpose
Phenolic Resin HiRENOL® General Foundry, Grinding/Abrasive/Friction,
FELT, Moding Compound, Refractory
Advance Paint, Tire/Rubber, Tirecord adhesives, Electronic
Epoxy Resin HiROXY® Electronic(PPG, CCLs, EMC), Paint, Vinyl Ester, Composite materials


Gimcheon - Plant #2 Kolon Network

  • Gimcheon(Plant #2) Address    128, Gongdan-ro, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Gimcheon(Plant #2) Plant    TEL : +82-54-420-0127  (Contact Point : S.W. Kim)

김천 -제2공장 약도