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Kolon industries makes happiness in our lives! We will try to be the beloved company by our customers.

Gimcheon(Plant #1)

  • Overview
  • History/Certificates
  • Product Overview
  • Contact/Map

Gimcheon - Plant #1

Cimcheon - Plant #1

Gimcheon Plant for Chemical devision of KOLON Industries, Inc. specializes in manufacturing PET films (optical, industrial, and packaging purposes), nylon films (food packaging, balloons, etc.), and Dry Film Photo-Resist films, and will play an important role in helping shape the future of KOLON Industries, Inc.

Designed using cutting-edge technology, Gimcheon Plant is fully automated and highly competitive by operating new product development and a high-quality, low-cost production system. Its thorough process control to eliminate any substance causing industrial pollution represents the company’s environmental efforts.

Gimcheon - Plant #1 - History/Certificates


Gimcheon - Plant #1 - History/Certificates
1991 Established the 1st Dry Film Photo-Resist and 1st nylon film lines
1994 Established the 2nd nylon film line
1996 Established the PET film line
1998 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate
2001 Established the 2nd Dry Film Photo-Resist film line
2005 Established the 3rd Dry Film Photo-Resist film line ,Obtained ISO 14001 certificate
2006 Established the 1st thick polyester film line
2010 Established the 2nd thick polyester film line

Product Overview

Product Status

Product Overview
Product List Purpose
Films Nylon Films(AMIDROLL®) Food packaging, balloons, etc.
Polyester Films(ASTROLL®) Optical, general packaging, industrial, and deposition
Dry Film Photo-Resist Films(DFR)(Accuimage®) PCB/PDP image formation, packaging image
formation, etc.

Gimcheon Kolon Network - Contact/Map

Gimcheon - Plant #1 Kolon Network

  • Gimcheon(Plant #1) Address    238, Gongdan-ro, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Gimcheon(Plant #1) Plant    TEL : +82-54-429-7331  (Contact Point : C.K. Lee)

Gimcheon Kolon Network