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Company to Create a


Kolon industries makes happiness in our lives! We will try to be the beloved company by our customers.

Win-Win Management

‘‘A Good Model for Company-Community Partnership’

KOLON Industries, Inc. is trying to be a good example of “win-win” partnership between company and community. A company’s growth depends on community growth.

  • 2CS The company is practicing “win-win management” for customers and the company itself under its customer policy called “2CS”. 2CS is a combined word for customer satisfaction (CS in a general sense) and customer success, which shows KOLON Industries, Inc.’s customer policy of pursuing customer success, as well as customer satisfaction.
    To help our customers succeed in their own areas of business, we provide customers with not only products but also management know-how. Through the 2CS activities, customers are sharing all the necessary management know-how and information. The company also appointed the 2CS manager, who is responsible for sales, repairs, electrical, mechanical, quality control, logistics, administration, and management information, to provide customers with fast and high-quality services.
  • Partner Win-Win Management
    KOLON Industries passes on its products, technologies, and management tips to its partners for mutual benefits and growth.
    The annual O.I Festival held between the company and its partners offers the chance to study cost saving and productivity increasing solutions, present the results, and award good O.I examples. This festival represents the company’s efforts to seek solutions for customers’ success, as well as partners’ efficient management.
    “In Search of Broken Glass” held in Gumi Plant every month is an activity conducted by the company and its partners to find and improve any shortcomings of the workplace. This event also offers the plant and the partners to work on their problems.
    KOLON Industries, Inc. organizes these activities as the foundation of practical, helpful relationships between the company and its partners like a family, rather than merely an employer-contractor relationship.
  • Community Contributions Each year, each plant provides help for farmers living in sister-villages and helps sell their products. The company’s management practice involves financial support and promoting mutual benefits with local residents by helping farmers at work and selling their farm produce.