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Company to Create a


Kolon industries makes happiness in our lives! We will try to be the beloved company by our customers.


Environmental Management

The global climate change caused by pollution and the lack of resources has led to a paradigm shift in management
towards sustainable growth. People have come to realize that only sustainable growth can perpetuate humanity and
ultimately improve their quality of life.
KOLON Industries, Inc. applies the systematic management of the entire process, from the use of materials to disposal of
waste, to minimize environmental damage. The level of waste management in every plant is strictly controlled below the
level required by law, which heads off damage from waste. In addition, using an environmentally friendly approach to R&D
in the product design phase, the company makes considerable technical and financial investment in reducing energy and
resource consumption.
In 2009, KOLON Industries, Inc. organized a climate change response committee and successfully created a greenhouse
gas inventory system, which helps more actively respond to the “target system” under the Framework Act on Low Carbon
and Green Growth that took effect in 2010. KOLON Industries, Inc. also built a network for all locations to share the latest information on a frequent basis to respond to the international environmental regulations and EU REACH. To reinforce
chemical control, KOLON prepared and began to implement multiple strategies. Other environmental efforts made by the company include continuous monitoring and investment in air, water, waste, and hazardous substance control.

Environmental Activities

To become an environmentally conscious and socially responsible company, under the motto, “Dream and Love with Nature,” KOLON Industries, Inc. has been implementing cleaning activities in the parks and other landmarks close to the head office and locations twice each year, as well as an environmental protection campaign to raise local residents’ awareness.
In 2004, KOLON Industries, Inc. began the construction of “KOLON Industry Forest” in part of the 1,150,000 square meter land of Seoul Forest, which was created in Ttukseom to build an urban eco park and restore forests in Seoul. The company is also participating in a variety of environmental activities, such as the environmental events of the foundation and sponsoring the climate change center.
Other efforts made by the company, such as cleaning sister-villages close to each plant, creating flower paths, cleaning around each plant, and supporting the local nature study center, helps polish KOLON’s image as a clean company that works with its local community.

Responsible Care

In 1999, the company joined the international environment association called Responsible Care to better practice environmental management.
Responsible Care is an international movement led by chemical companies to protect the environment and people throughout the entire life cycle of chemicals, from development to manufacturing, sale, distribution, usage and to disposal, and implement environmental, safety, and health measures for continuous improvement.

  • Important Role of Chief Executive Officer The most important step in implementing RC is to remind all employees of the determination of CEO and management to implement RC, so that the employees share the philosophy and significance of RC. As seen in other countries and companies where RC has been enforced first, the management’s interest and support has a direct impact on the success of RC.
  • Formation of RC Team Since all employees are supposed to participate in Responsible Care, KOLON Industries, Inc. organizes a team consisting of a team manager and members. The company also appoints a person responsible (coordinator) for exchange of information with the RC Team, the office of the Korea RC Council, and other member companies.
  • Setting RC Action Plan Once the RC Team has been formed, the team checks the current state of the plant, prepares an action plan, executes it
    for a year, evaluates the results, and reflects them in plans for the next year or mid-/long-term plans. That way, the company
    makes gradual environmental, safety, and health improvements.
    with the RC Team, the office of the Korea RC Council, and other member companies.
  • Self-Assessment Since Responsible Care is a voluntary improvement activity, the company is required to conduct self-assessment. The annual
    results of KOLON Industries, Inc.’s self-assessment are submitted to the Korea RC Council.
  • RC Report KOLON Industries, Inc. collects the results of Responsible Care activities and reports them to the Korea RC Council. The
    Korea RC Council then prepares an annual report each year and publishes good examples so that other companies follow